Exploring TransNational Education (TNE) with Aberdeen Institute as a case study

Exploring TransNational Education (TNE) with Aberdeen Institute as a case study

This is a past event

For decades, TNE existed in one form or another with USA often leading the field in innovative and accessible education aligned to the home-country educational standards but provided locally. In recent years, this form of education has been recognised by many countries as strategic framework to collaborate in developing necessary skills in local populations to global standards meeting both the aspiration of young generations and the skill demands.

UK education has an international reputation and thus it is in demand providing opportunities for various forms of TNE. UK Universities explored these opportunities, some setting up overseas campuses, joint programs, franchises, and many other innovative vehicles of delivering education to the high-quality standards observed in the UK. This is also supported by the British Council, who has dedicated teams to support TNE initiatives and collaborative agreements.

China is one of the countries to recognise the benefits of TNE and invested heavily in bringing the best Universities from around the world to deliver in-country education. There are several forms but one form that has been recently supported and explored is the “Joint Institute” format. University of Aberdeen is a partner in a successful joint institute, which is currently in its third year.

Recently the collaboration between UK and China in the area of TNE has exceeded collaboration with other partners for both countries. In this talk, we will look at the benefits, challenges, and the future of TNE initiatives using Aberdeen Institute of Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence as a case study.

Aladdin Ayesh
Meston 009