The Power(s) of Global Constitutionalism

The Power(s) of Global Constitutionalism

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Global Constitutionalism has emerged as a field of study within both law and political science over the last 20 years. With a journal established in 2012 and a Handbook published in 2017, a critical mass of scholarship around the topic has emerged. Much of that research reflects developments in international law and regional politics within Europe, particularly around legal pluralism in the EU. Much of it rests upon liberal democratic norms, such as human rights and the rule of law. This paper will both build on that literature but also diverge from it by focusing on the question of power. Rather than law, which orients much of the literature on constitutionalism, this paper, and the book project it will orient, argues that constitutions sit at the intersection of law and power. Power both founds and disrupts constitutions, as is seen in domestic revolutionary moments. This paper looks to global power dynamics in how they found and disrupt global politics

Professor Anthony Lang
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