Disability Provisions Database

Disability Provisions Database

Service Description

The Disability database has been set up to ensure that any special requirements for exams and courses for disabled students are correctly facilitated.


  • Students
    • See courses by Students
    • Add students temporarily if they should need assistance urgently
    • Produces reports for Students as follows
      • Accessible Rooms via course
      • Note taker/Proof reader by course
      • Class test provision by course
      • Export of students to Excel
      • Students updated in SRS
      • Students by coordinator
      • Changes in SRS
    • The ability to email changes in SRS to coordinators
  • Courses
    • Courses by Coordinators
    • Course Allocations
    • Students by Course
  • Admin
    • Manage School Administrators
    • Names of Scribes and Readers
    • Rooms
    • Invigilators
  • Exam
    • Exam by Student
    • Exams by Courses
    • Extra Time, Require PC or private circumstances
    • Extra time only
    • Scribes and readers
    • Ability to email Exam arrangements (individual or all)
    • Updates Student Hub
    • Print Student Room Labels
    • Produces reports for exams as follows
      • Students with Codes 9 or 16 or only 13
      • Extra time in exams
      • Private circumstances
      • Require a PC
      • Exams by date
      • Exams by coordinator
      • Rooms in Use.


  • Approved members of University of Aberdeen Staff (School Coordinators and Registry, approval must be sought from Lucy Foley)

Service Hours

  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Note however that support for the database is only available during the Research Applications and Data Mangement Team working hours (08:00-17:00)

Level of Service


The Disability Provisions Database is administered by the Research Applications and Data Management Team (Please website for SLA).


Where possible downtime to the database is performed out of hours (Before 08:00 or after 17:00) unless there is an urgent requirement and users will be contacted.

Support and Documentation

  • A user guide for the database sits in the folder.
  • Training courses/one-to-one training can be arranged with the Research Applications and Data Management Team – email digitalresearch@abdn.ac.uk to request training.

Request Process

Access to the Database


User Responsibility


  • The Disability Provisions Database service is provided free of charge to Staff.