Classroom Software Requirements 2016/17

Classroom Software Requirements 2016/17

Software requirements for next Academic Year within computing classrooms

Please tell us by 10 June what software you require in the computing classrooms for the next Academic Year. IT Services will test and rebuild the classroom PCs in July. If you don’t tell us your requirements your software will not be available in the classrooms next year.

The base build will be Windows 7 64-bit, with Microsoft Office 2013 and Internet Explorer as the default browser.

What should you do?

Tell us what software you require for 2016/17 after reviewing proposed and current lists below.

Review and comment on the proposed list of software for 2016/17: 

Review and comment on the current departmental software lists:

All software requests should be made to


May we remind you that classroom software must be licensed for concurrent use. If you would like to discuss any licensing issues within the classroom environment, please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

Please note that any Engineering or Geosciences software requested for inclusion in the classroom build will be replicated within our VDI environment.