UPDATE 2: University Power Outage

Latest update on IT Services

What is happening?

Further to our earlier message.  Please find below an update on the recovery of University services.

Services back online

  • MFD Printing
  • Student Records
  • Explohub – All servers other than Seislab.
  • VPN Service
  • ERegistration
  • Q-Pulse
  • UCAS Applicant Portal
  • MyHR
  • High Performance Computing Cluster  - Maxwell Online
  • Quest password management

Services Offline

  • Student Portal
  • Crystal Reports
  • Dial zero switchboard – Not functioning for one telephone controller.  If zero is not working for you then call 01224 272000.
  • Digitool
  • New account provisioning

We will issue a further update by 6pm tonight advising of the progress on the continuing recovery of services.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.