New anti-virus solution for University Macs/MacBooks

New anti-virus solution for University Macs/MacBooks

Microsoft System Center EndPoint Protection (SCEP) now available for University Macs/MacBooks instead of ClamXav.

What is happening?

In June, we told you that ClamXav, the anti-virus software installed on most University Macs/MacBooks, had become a commercial product. We advised you not to purchase a license while we sought an alternative.

We are now using Microsoft System Center EndPoint Protection (SCEP) and have already remotely replaced ClamXav with SCEP on many University Macs and MacBooks.

What should you do?

If your University Mac/MacBook is not connected to the University network or has Remote Management disabled, you will have to remove ClamXav and install SCEP yourself as we are unable to do this.

We have prepared a user guide – Removing ClamXav and Installing SCEP on University Macs/MacBooks – to step you through this. You’ll find this on StaffNet: Working Here > IT Services > Help and Support > Fact Sheets – under IT Security.

We strongly encourage you to install SCEP so that your University Mac/MacBook is protected. If you need help, please get in touch – you’ll find our contact details below.

Not using ClamXav on your University Mac?

Some staff have installed an anti-virus solution of their own choosing on their University Mac/MacBook. Please be aware that Sophos’ free Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition is exclusively for use on personal devices and that Sophos prohibits use on University owned devices.

If you have Sophos installed on your University device, you should uninstall it using the removal tool available on the Sophos website. If you need help, please contact the Service Desk.