New, self-service IT Account Manager and Password Manager

New, self-service IT Account Manager and Password Manager

New IT Account Manager and Password Manager now live

What is happening?

Today – Thursday 21 May – we launched our new, self-service Account Manager and Password Manager to help staff better manage their IT accounts.

How does this affect you?

The new services replace our old processes for IT registration (new staff), for requesting Guest, Project, and External IT accounts, and for changing your password.

  • You should now use the Account Manager to request Guest, Project, and External accounts.
  • You should register with and use the Password Manager to reset your password.

How do you use the new services?

You’ll find up to date information and user guides on our IT Services pages on StaffNet at

Why are we changing?

These new services are part of a wider University initiative to improve our identity management life cycle. Benefits include:

  • Faster provisioning of IT accounts for new staff
  • Self-service for additional IT account requests
  • Self-service for password reset
  • The new service will also send automated emails to help staff and line managers manage IT accounts. Not only will it will send notifications on account creation, but also on account expiry so any permissions or secondary accounts can be transferred and if necessary account expiry dates extended.

Where can I go for help?

If you have any questions about the new services, or are having problems accessing or using them, please contact the Service Desk – or