New, self-service IT Account Manager and Password Manager

New, self-service IT Account Manager and Password Manager

New service for managing staff IT accounts and passwords

What is happening?

From the 20th May we will be launching a new, self-service Account Manager and a Password Manager to help staff better manage their IT accounts.

How will this affect me?

Once the service is live, you can:

  • Use the Account Manager to request Guest, Project, and External accounts.
  • Register with and use the Password Manager to reset your password. 

The new services will replace our current processes for IT registration (new staff), for requesting Guest, Project, and External IT accounts, and for changing your password.

Why are we changing?

These new services are part of a wider University initiative to improve our identity management life cycle. Benefits include:

  • Faster provisioning of IT accounts for new staff
  • Self-service for additional IT account requests
  • Self-service for password reset

Where can I find out more?

Once the new services are launched, you’ll find up to date information and user guides on the IT Services pages on StaffNet at