IMPORTANT :: Electrical Shutdown - Polwarth & Link Buildings - Saturday 18 April 2015

IMPORTANT :: Electrical Shutdown - Polwarth & Link Buildings - Saturday 18 April 2015

Due to electrical maintenance occurring in the Polwarth & Link buildings at Foresterhill, there will be no network or telephone connectivity in either building during this time.

What is happening?

The electricity board will be performing essential maintenance to the electrical feed that serves the Polwarth and Link Building at Foresterhill on Saturday 18th April from 8am to 4pm.  As a result both buildings will be without power for all equipment other than essential services.

IT Services within the Polwarth Building and the Link Building, including PC and laptop network connectivity, wireless access and telephony will be unavailable during the power outage.  In addition the emergency lift phone within the HSB Building should be considered at risk during the power outage.

What should you do?

We recommend that you shut down your PC and turn it off at the wall when leaving on Friday 17th April.  If your colleagues are not in work this week then please turn off their PC’s and unplug them from the wall as well.

Estates have already issued a message to all staff to indicate that the building is closed to all other than essential staff or students directly involved in the electrical shutdown.

Please Note:  IT Services staff will be monitoring central systems to check their status once power is re-established.  As with all such major works there is an AT RISK to connected IT equipment.  Some limited equipment may fail to power on after the power works complete.  If this is the case then please log a Service Desk call.