Internet Explorer upgrade - starting Monday 16th June 2014

Internet Explorer upgrade - starting Monday 16th June 2014

Upgrade of corporate web browser to Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)

What is happening?

On Monday 16th June we will begin upgrading all IT Services managed staff/college MS Windows PCs to Internet Explorer 10 (IE10).

What should you do?

We will push the update automatically to your PC, as we do with standard Windows security patches. If you are prompted to restart your PC after the install, please do so at your earliest convenience. If by the 23rd June your PC has not received the update then please contact the Service Desk.

IMPORTANT Note #1 – Restart

If you do not restart your PC to finalise the new installation your internet browsing could be affected and become problematic. Please ensure you restart your PC if prompted.

IMPORTANT Note #2 – Corporate Applications

If, after upgrading, you are experiencing issues with any of the University of Aberdeen’s corporate applications loading (e.g. Student Records, Admissions, etc.), especially if you have used a bookmark, please try the link from the the Management Information Systems page on StaffNet ( then update your bookmarks as necessary.

IMPORTANT Note #3 – External web sites

If an external web site is not loading correctly or does not display correctly you can place IE in compatibility mode for that particular web site. Please see the following link for guidance: