SPSS and AMOS Software Version 22 now available

SPSS and AMOS Software Version 22 now available

SPSS Version 22 & AMOS Version 22 update

What is happening?

SPSS version 22 and AMOS 22 are now available via the Software Center and the Software Download Service. 

SPSS and AMOS version 21 will still be available to install until the end of term; however, the licence covering version 21 expires at 23:59 on Thursday July 31st. After this date, version 21 will stop functioning completely after a short ‘grace period’- where you will receive a warning that the licence is due to expire every time you use SPSS or AMOS.  

To continue using SPSS and AMOS after July 31st , you must upgrade to version 22.

What should you do?

Please note that installing SPSS 22 from the Software Center will also uninstall SPSS 21.

  • To install SPSS 22 on a University based domain PC or networked laptop, go to the Software Center on your computer: Start Menu > All Programs > Microsoft System Centre 2012 > Configuration Manager > Software Center
  • From the list of software available for installation, click on IBM SPSS then Install 
    • The installation will take from 10 to 60 minutes. You can minimise the installation screen while the software is installing but please do not restart your PC until installation is complete.

If you have problems with the campus installation of SPSS 22 or need AMOS 22 installed on campus, please send an email to the Service Desk - servicedesk@abdn.ac.uk - including the following information:

  • Subject: SPSS/AMOS Installation Request
  • Your Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • PC Name, e.g. CLSM-001234


To install SPSS 22 or AMOS 22 on a personal machine, then you will need to remove version 21 and install version 22 using the instructions and license codes located within the Statistics section of the Software Download service at http://www.abdn.ac.uk/local/download.