Classroom software re-registration

Classroom software re-registration

We are beginning to look at classroom software provision for academic year 2014/15 and would like you to let us know what your software or upgrade requirements are.

This summer, we will be deploying Windows 7 64-bit in all IT Services managed student classrooms. This means we will no longer be able to support legacy 16-bit applications. We will also be upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013 and Internet Explorer 10 as default.

For details of the current departmental software lists, see:

Please review these lists and let us know of any new software or upgrades you require for the next academic year – contact us at We would ask each School to consider not only existing courses but also courses that are coming on stream for the first time – are there any new requirements for these?

This year the PC rollout will begin on 7 July, so it is vital that we receive this information before 1 July to ensure inclusion on the build. Once again, to enable early testing, we intend to establish pilot systems in mid June.

In addition, to ensure that we are not spending money unnecessarily or wasting support time, please let us know of any software that is no longer used and that could be removed.

With regard to the software maintained by IT Services, you will find details of proposed upgrades at Please let us know if you have any comments on what is proposed.

May we remind you that classroom software must be licensed for concurrent use. Facilities are in place to enable us to restrict its invocation to particular locations and/or to ensure compliance with regard to a specific number of licenses. If you would like to discuss any licensing issues within the classroom environment please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

Stewart Finnie

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