Upgrade to IE10 on public access ( Classroom / Library ) machines

Upgrade to IE10 on public access ( Classroom / Library ) machines

Web browser on public access PCs to be upgraded over next two weeks.

What is happening?

The version of Internet Explorer (IE) on the public access machines in the classrooms and libraries will be upgraded to version 10, in order to resolve problems accessing some web sites.

Why are we doing this?

The current version of IE will sometimes fail to properly display some web sites and to resolve this we will be adopting a rolling programme to update all public access machines to IE10. We realise that IE10 has been available for some time but we have delayed introducing the update until we were certain that all the applications that are used for teaching and administration, such as MyAberdeen and Student Portal, would work.

We installed IE10 in the ad-hoc area in Edward Wright F84 last week and as there have been no reported problems we will now roll IE10 out to the rest of the machines over the next two weeks. The planned timetable is:

•        Overnight Tuesday 25th February 2014 – all machines in the Sir Duncan Rice Library

•        Overnight Wednesday 5th March 2014 – all remaining machines

What should you do?

As the updates will be automatic overnight, all that we ask you to do is report any problems that you encounter when using IE10 in the classroom environment. Upgrade to staff machines will follow in due course.