NHS based, UoA Email Users

NHS based, UoA Email Users

FAO staff working in NHS Grampian owned buildings and using a non-UoA PC

What is happening?

For security reasons, NHS Grampian are blocking access to external email accounts from the NHSG network and, in doing so, will block access to University of Aberdeen email. This change will be implemented by NHS on Monday 24th February.

IT Services have set up a new service that will enable email access for those affected by this.

What should you do?

To access this service, please make a request to the UoA IT Service Desk: servicedesk@abdn.ac.uk, who will then enable your access.  Once access has been granted, the Service Desk will advise you of this, and you should follow the instructions provided. This is a one off process that does not need to be repeated. You can use the new service as soon as you are enabled and we recommend that you do this before 24th February.

To help the Service Desk address your request as quickly as possible, please use the same subject headline as this email, i.e.: NHS based, UoA Email Users.