Changes to Verdiem Surveyor PC Power Management

Changes to Verdiem Surveyor PC Power Management

Upgrade to PC Power Management software

What is happening?

The Universitypower management system will be moving all remaining University campus computers to the new Verdiem Surveyor 6 Server.  This has already been completed successfully on all Classroom computers in January this year

This process will be taking place over a four week period starting from Monday 29th April 2013. The schedule is as follows:

  • w/b Monday 29th April – CASS
  • w/b Monday 6th May – ASV & ADMIN
  • w/b Monday 13th May – CLSM
  • w/b Monday 20th May – COPS

What should you do?

The majority of you will notice little, if any, changes taking place. Anyone whose current computer has been “Excluded” from Power Management should also notice no change.

However, there may be a small number of “Excluded” computers that are re-assigned to a Managed Group during this process. Anyone who has an “Excluded” computer and believes that the computer is being centrally power managed after the move, should log a Service Desk Call by emailing and put into the subject line ‘Verdiem Power Management’.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.