Essential maintenance to network services – Friday 24 & Saturday 25 August

Planned maintenance as part of the Edward Wright Data Centre refurbishment

What is happening?

As  part of the on-going refurbishment of the Edward Wright Data Centre, there will be a period of essential maintenance on Friday 24th August and Saturday 25th August, that will affect the network connectivity in the following buildings within Old Aberdeen campus.

The actual time of interruption and duration will depend purely on the progress the vendor makes.  However, we anticipate that each building will be down between 30 minutes and 2 hours, but this could be longer if problems are encountered.

During the outage period, each affected building will have no access to email, wireless services, “H” or “shared drives”, and no telephony service. In addition, the telephony services will be impacted for all buildings across the OA campus on Saturday.  

What should you do?

If you have to come into work on Saturday, please ensure that you save your work on a regular basis (including saving to the C drive).  After the work has been completed, you should be reconnected automatically.  

You should also be aware that the telephony service will be subject to interruption within all buildings on the Old Aberdeen campus during the outage on Saturday.  

Why isn’t my building identified below?  

If a building isn’t mentioned below, it is because the building has a resilient link and should be unaffected by the outage.   

Outage Schedule

On Friday 24th August there will be interruptions to the following buildings during the day.

  • 110 High Street
  • 80 St Machar Drive
  • Elphinstone Road flats  

On Saturday 25th August there will be interruptions to the following buildings during the day. 

  • 9a Dunbar St (Security)
  • EW Annexe
  • Cruickshank building
  • St Marys
  • 23 St Machar Drive
  • Old Town House
  • 5 Dunbar St
  • Butchart
  • Special Collections
  • 48 College Bounds

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.