INFORMATION for Campus Wireless Users – Removal of 802.11b support

802.11b wireless standard no longer available from University wireless service.

What is happening? 

The University wireless access points support a range of common wireless standards - 802.11a, b & g and in several locations, 802.11n. 802.11b is one of the oldest and slowest of the WiFi standards still in use, first appearing in 1999, and is now showing its age. If an 802.11b client connects to a wireless access point, the throughput for all other faster clients using 802.11g on that access point is reduced.

As there are very few 802.11b clients now in use, 802.11b support is to be removed from the University wireless access points on 11th July 2012.  

What should you do?

If you have a very old wireless device (+6 years) it may only be capable of meeting the 802.11b wireless standard. You will need to upgrade your device or purchase a new wireless adapter that supports one of the newer wireless standards.

Note that there will be further alterations to continue to improve the wireless service on campus throughout the summer. If you experience any issues with the above change, or with the wireless service at any time, please contact the Service Desk.