IMPORTANT: Virus & Malware Emails

IMPORTANT: Virus & Malware Emails

The University has received a very large number of malware emails appearing to come from the source domain  The messages contain a malware attack.  

What is happening?  

The University virus software SCEP is catching and stopping the infection at the desktop level, however, the volume of emails being received is very high and there is an increased risk that something may get through.  

The messages do not actually originate from rather they are from various external websites and faked to appear to come from  

What you should do?

It is critical that you do not open attachments from unknown sources.  If you have not booked with then do not attempt to open any attachment within an email from them.  

We have contacted and they are aware of the attack.  They have advised the University that they will never send out zip file attachments with any booking emails.  

If you have opened an attachment from and you are concerned that your PC may be infected please contact the IT Servicedesk.

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