Anti Virus software refresh project - Update #4: For owners of University Windows laptops

Warning: The message below is intended for owners of University Windows laptops who connect only to the wireless network.

What is happening?

As previously communicated, we are replacing Sophos anti-virus software on all University-owned PCs and Windows laptops with Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP). For most users, the process is automatic and carried out remotely on your behalf.  

However, if you are using a University-owned Windows laptop and only connect to the wireless network, you may not have had the upgrade deployed.  

What should you do?

Please check your laptop’s status bar. When SCEP is successfully installed, the blue Sophos icon sophos shield on the taskbar is replaced with a new, green SCEP icon. scep icon 

If you do not see the green SCEP icon, please contact the Service Desk – contact details below.  

If you do not, you will be running unlicensed software and your computer will be at risk as you will no longer be receiving updates from Sophos.  

Progress to date

The project is processing well, with over 4500 end points successfully updated.   Our new solution is identifying and dealing with  a number of Malware products that previously required a secondary tool to clear.