Anti Virus software refresh project - Update #2

Further updates on the Anti-virus software deployment.

What is happening?

As previously communicated, we are replacing Sophos anti-virus software on all University-owned PCs and Windows laptops with Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP).  

We will begin the process of removing Sophos and installing and configuring SCEP on campus PCs and laptops today and continue over the coming weeks, completing by 12 June.  

Note for campus Mac users: ClamXav will replace Sophos on campus Macs. We will provide guidance on how to remove Sophos and install ClamXav on our anti-virus web pages soon.  

What should you do?  

You don’t need to do anything.  

The process is automatic and carried out remotely on your behalf. It should take no longer than 5 minutes during which time you can continue working on your PC/laptop as normal.  

As the installation proceeds, you will see a number of popup messages stating that your PC is unprotected. You can safely disregard these.  

When installation is complete, the blue Sophos icon sophos shield on your PC’s taskbar will be replaced with a new, green SCEP icon. scep icon   

If you do not see the green SCEP icon by 12 June, please contact the Service Desk on the details below.