DIT Labs - 15 February 2012

DIT Labs - 15 February 2012

DIT Labs – Wednesday 15 February

As the library will not be open to students today ( Wednesday 15th February 2012 ) there will be greater pressure on PC classrooms and DIT is asking all staff who have booked classrooms today to allow un-occupied machines to be used by students who are not on their course. This follows the classroom Code of Conduct (http://www.abdn.ac.uk/dit/classroom-code.php) which states in brief:        

  • While full-class teaching is taking place (e.g. a lecture or demonstration), it is permissible for staff to exclude other students from the classroom, and to require that students do not use the classroom printer(s). Staff should indicate that access is not permitted to non-class members by posting a notice on the door.   


  • If full-class teaching is not taking place, then, once staff have ensured that all members of the class have the use of a computer, other students should be permitted to use any spare computers. When a computer classroom is not booked, the computers in the room are available for ad hoc use by registered users of University of Aberdeen computing facilities.    


Thank you for your assistance in this.    


Brian Henderson

Head of Service Delivery

Directorate of Information Technology