REMINDER: Deployment of centrally managed PC power management system

Reminder regarding the ongoing PC power management project

What is happening?

As part of the University's on-going commitment to reduce its impact on the environment and to help reduce energy consumption costs, DIT has previously implemented a centrally managed PC power management system across the campus. Please see:

There are a number of outstanding PC's that have had the software installed but are not actively managed.  

Rollout Timetable

Over the coming weeks we would like to add these remaining PC's to the standard management profile (PC goes to standby after 30 minutes inactivity).  

NOTE: PC's will not be powered off at this time.  

There will be a number of cases where it is not practical for a PC to be power managed in this way e.g. data processing over extended periods. In these cases please contact the Service Desk ( with the name of the PC you wish to be excluded and the reasons why.

If you have already contacted us with your PC name, it will have been added it to the exclusion list and you do not need to contact us again.

The schedule for implementation is as follows  

  • Week beginning 9th January, 2012 - CASS and Administration
  • Week beginning 16th January, 2012 – COPS