Free Wireless at the University of Aberdeen

Free Wireless at the University of Aberdeen

Wireless services available at University of Aberdeen

For new and returning students at the University of Aberdeen, there are number of wireless networks available, some new and some old.  But, it can be somewhat confusing to know which one to connect to.  Below is a brief summary of which is which:

  • eduroam
    provides staff and students with free authenticated access to Aberdeen's network for their personal laptop or PDA - both on campus and when visiting participating institutions.
  • resnet
    provides students who are resident in University Halls (Hillhead, Crombie Johnston, Elphinstone Road) with a free room level service when on site at these locations.
  • wireless-help
    provides on-line wireless assistance and an easy way to connect to the free wireless services eduroam & resnet. uoa-corporate – provides Aberdeen staff with University owned laptops with the same level of access as a wired connection.
  • guestweb
    provides visitors to the University, who have been issued with a Guest account, with quick and easy internet access while on campus - without the need to configure their laptop. guestweb is an unsecured service.
  • _The Cloud
    Public WiFi Access. This is a public unsecured network that offers the first 15 mins access free and paid access thereafter. This service is intended for visitors and conference attendees.

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