Closure of computer rooms for Exam period

Certain DIT classrooms will be dedicated to exam use only

As many exams now require computing facilities we will be taking some computer rooms out of service during the exam period; this will last from Monday 23rd May 2011 up to, and including Friday, 10th June 2011.

The main building to be affected is Edward Wright and the following rooms will be closed for general student use for the whole of that period, they will only be available for exams:

  • First Floor - F81-83, F84 and F86
  • Second Floor - S81-83, S84
  • Ground floor - Booths 2 and 3

In addition MacRobert 106 and Edward Wright S95 will be used for exams on Wednesday, 25th May 2011 and so will not be available on that day; please note that if there are any additional requirements for computer classrooms then either or both of these rooms may be temporarily taken out of service at short notice.  

In Edward Wright, rooms G84, F95, S90 and Booth 1 will be available for ad-hoc student use throughout the period. ALL other computer rooms and libraries will be open as normal during the exam period. DIT and Registry have been working hard to ensure that the number of rooms closed during this period is kept to a minimum.

Thank you for your co-operation