Internet Explorer 9, WebCT & Corporate Applications

Known issue regarding compatibility of WebCT with IE9.

What is happening?

Microsoft has recently released Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).  We have been made aware that WebCT is not fully compatible with IE9.  In addition some University corporate applications will not function fully using IE9.  

At this time the University has not deployed IE9 to classrooms and staff desktops in order for us to fully test the compatibility of IE9 and the corporate applications.  

What should you do? 

At this time we recommend that you do not update your web browser to IE9.  If your home computer or personal laptop has already updated to IE9 then you may need to enable compatibility mode (see below) for corporate applications or WebCT to work.

If you are using WebCT and find you are still experiencing problems within compatibility mode then we recommend that you install the web browser Firefox.  Firefox is supported within WebCT.  

Compatibility Mode within Internet Explorer 9

  1. Open the website that is not displayed correctly or that does not work correctly in Internet Explorer 9.
  2. Click the Compatibility View button that is located directly to the right side of the address bar next to the Refresh button

Compatibility View

Or, on the Tools menu, click to select the option Compatibility View.  If the Tools menu is not displayed, press ALT to display the Tools menu.    

Tools Menu

Further details of compatibility mode can be found on the following Microsoft webpage -

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.