INFORMATION: Upgrade to Sophos Anti-virus - Wednesday 9th February 2011

New version of Sophos Anti-virus

What is happening?

We are pleased to advise that, over the course of Wednesday 9th February, the new version of our anti-virus software, Sophos, will be deployed on PCs across the campus.

The upgrade will be randomised across our campus PC portfolio in order to minimise the impact to users and the network.  This means that you may not receive the upgrade at the same time as some of your colleagues.  This is normal and to be expected.

What should you do?

If your PC is a desktop PC then you do not need to do anything for the upgrade.   However, in order to implement all of the new features included in the upgrade, we recommend that you reboot your PC at a convenient time.  

If your PC is a laptop PC then we recommend that you follow the installation instructions at  If you are part of our Windows 7 pilot, then you will already have the new version installed.  

(If you are unsure as to how to install Sophos on your office laptop, please contact the Service Desk who will be glad to assist you.)  

Once installed, the same blue shield appears in the task bar for the new version as the old, but you can tell the difference by right clicking on this icon and the menu should be headed by an entry called “Sophos Endpoint Security and Control”.  If you still see “Sophos Antivirus” then your PC hasn’t been upgraded yet.  

Instructions for using Sophos can be found at 

Finally, if you use Sophos as the antivirus package on your home PC, we recommend that you follow the installation instructions at  

(The new version of Sophos is only compatible with Windows 2000 and newer version of Windows e.g. Windows XP, Vista & 7.  If you require antivirus support for earlier version of Windows please contact the Service Desk.  This update does not apply to any Apple Macs).