Electrical shutdown - Fraser Noble Building, Sunday 30th January 2011

Some Engineering related classroom software will be unavailable

What is happening?

As part of the site investigation survey of the existing electrics for phase 2 of the Fraser Noble refurbishment project, the power to the Fraser Noble Building will be shut down from 10am – 12 noon on Sunday 30th January 2011.  During this period there will be intermittent power outages that will potentially affect all electrical items/data/wireless access etc.  

In addition, as a number of systems will need to be shut down prior to this survey, a number of classroom applications, in the Fraser Noble building, will not be available between 5pm Saturday 29th January and 12 noon Sunday 30th January. 

These are:    

  • Matlab
  • SolidWorks
  • Ansys 12
  • FlexCom
  • PipeSim
  • UniSim
  • Proban
  • PowerFactory
  • Xilinx

What should you do?

During this time, there will be some interruptions to services and if you are working during this period, we recommend that you save any work regularly to avoid any potential loss of data.   

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.