UPDATE 5: Problem with Administration Filespace & Printing

UPDATE 5: Problem with Administration Filespace & Printing

We are now happy to report that DIT Service Engineers have now completed manually installing the Administration print queues, with the basic functionality.  They are now concentrating on ensuring that full functionality is available on these print queues.

What is happening?

The difficulties which we have experienced have been due to a component failure. Replacement hardware has been located and flown in from Europe and is currently being installed and configured. It is hoped that the service will be returned to normal as soon as is possible.

What should you do?

If you require more than basic print functionality, full printing functionality is available on the MFD (Multi-Function Device) printers as per usual and we recommend that until we are able to restore full functionality that you use these devices where possible.

If you are still experiencing problems with basic printing functionality, please contact the DIT Service Desk.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

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