HOAX e-mail - Subject: "Mailbox Notice"

HOAX e-mail - Subject: "Mailbox Notice"

Please do not respond to this e-mail.

You may have received an e-mail with the Subject "Mailbox Notice" (see the example below), please do not respond to the e-mail and delete it immediately. This is not a genuine e-mail from the University of Aberdeen. It is another example of a "phishing" e-mail.

If you reply, your computing account and e-mail could be compromised and you could potentially receive thousands of SPAM messages. If you have already replied and provided this information, please change your password immediately and contact the DIT Service Desk.

Please be on your guard for phishing -emails. Phishing e-mails are designed to maliciously harvest personal details from you to either compromise your e-mail account or gain access to other personal data, such as banking details.

DIT or any genuine service would never send such unsolicited e-mails to you, requesting that you reply with password details. If in doubt, always contact the service directly as they will always provide another method of communication.

Should you have any concerns or queries please contact the DIT Service Desk:

Example of current "phishing" message :

From: Sandra Dudley [mailto:dudleys@ohsu.edu]
Sent: Saturday 08 August 2009 13:51
Subject: Mailbox Notice
Attn: Faculty/Staff/Students,

This message is from our Helpdesk Team to all webmail account owners.

We noticed that your webmail account has been compromised by spammers. It seems they have gained access into our database and have been using it for illegal internet activities.

The center is currently performing maintenance and upgrading its database. We intend upgrading our Email Security Server for better online services.

To re-validate your mailbox and upgrade your account, please Click here

In order to ensure you do not experience service interruptions, please upgrade your account to prevent it from being deactivated from our database.

Thank you for using our online services.
Sandra Dudley
For Helpdesk Team

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