Expiration dates on Microsoft Teams Meeting Recordings

After recent changes made by Microsoft, University of Aberdeen Teams meeting recordings now expire automatically after 60 days.

When you record a Teams meeting, the recording will appear in the meeting chat or channel conversation. You will now see an expiry warning message under the recording.

View, change or remove the expiration date

As the file owner, you can view, change or remove the expiration date from the details pane. If you are not the owner (ie you did not record the meeting), you can only view the expiration date.

How to access the details pane and view/change the expiration date:

  • Click on the recording tile in the chat to open it
  • Click the i icon i-icon in the upper right to open the details pane
  • Look for Expiration date

If you are the file owner and need to change or remove the expiration date, click on it and select the appropriate option.

Details pane with expiration date section. Options menu to change expiration date: extend by 7/30/60 days, select a date or remove expiration.


Recover the recording after it expires

The file owner will receive an email when the recording expires. After they receive the email, they have up to 90 days to retrieve the meeting recording file from their OneDrive or SharePoint recycle bin.

When a meeting recording has been recovered from the recycle bin, it will no longer have an expiration date.

Where the recording is stored

The meeting recording file will be stored in the file owner’s OneDrive, in the Recordings folder OR if the meeting was held in a team channel it will be stored on the team SharePoint site, in the Recordings folder for the channel.
Meeting recording files are also accessible via Teams, from the Files tab of the meeting chat or team channel.

Editing the recording expiration date from OneDrive or SharePoint

An alternative way to manage your recording expiration is from the file storage location on OneDrive or SharePoint. To view or change the expiration date:

  • Right click on the recording file
  • Select Details from the menu
  • Look for Expiration date
  • Click on the date and select the appropriate option

Further information

For more information on managing the expiration of a meeting recording, see the Microsoft guidance.