Direct Access & Finance Problems

Direct Access & Finance Problems

Direct Access & Finance Problems

What is happening?

•    Our IT engineers are urgently investigating multiple reports in relation to Direct Access and also Finance System access.
•    Access to internal UoA websites may not be working in particular from remote University corporate laptops.
•    We believe the root cause is linked to Direct Access but we do not yet have a workaround or resolution.

What can you do?

•    If you are experiencing issues then unfortunately we do not have a current workaround.
•    You can try and access the resource required via the University VDI or VPN services:

Please note: The above website link may not work from your corporate device.  You may need to view the link from a separate device.

Next update:
•    We will issue an update shortly after 10am tomorrow morning, Friday 3rd September

There is no need to contact the IT Service Desk for this issue as we are aware that hundreds of staff could be affected.