Telephony outage - Tuesday 30 July, pm

Telephony outage - Tuesday 30 July, pm

Scheduled outage to some University telephony services - Tuesday 30 July, pm

What’s happening?

Old type Digital Display and BT style Analog telephones in the following buildings will be out of service for around one hour on the afternoon of Tuesday 30 July while we upgrade our telephone system software.

  • Edward Wright
  • Fraser Noble
  • MacRobert
  • Meston
  • St Mary’s
  • Taylor
  • William Guild
  • Zoology

Newer style Mitel IP Display phones in these buildings and all other University buildings will not be affected.

This will affect me. What should I do?

Incoming calls

If you use voicemail, incoming calls should go to voicemail during the outage.

Outgoing calls

If you need to make an urgent call during the outage, please use a mobile phone. Alternatively, there are a number of IP phones in all affected buildings.

Why is this happening?

Our current telephone system software will soon be unsupported. As well as providing enhanced integration with other services, the upgrade offers support for the newest Model IP Display phones.

After the upgrade, we will begin the roll out of new IP Display phones. These will replace the old Digital Display and BT style Analog phones, some of which have been in service since 1999.

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