Minitab 18 License Renewal - 5 July 2018

Minitab 18 License Renewal - 5 July 2018

The Minitab 18 license has been renewed - you may need to update your license

What is happening?

The license for Minitab 18 has been renewed. If you have installed Minitab 18 from the Local Download Service, you need to manually update the license file to continue using the software.

If you installed Minitab 18 to a University PC or laptop, no action is required.

What should you do?

If you run Minitab and you are prompted to "Find License," then you need to manually update your license. You will need your University username and password to download the updated license file ( from the Software Download Website.

  • Save the file minitab.lic to the Minitab 18 folder (the default locations are C:Program FilesMinitab 18 or C:Program Files(x86)Minitab 18).
  • In the Multi-User License Utility window, check Specify the License File.
  • Click to Browse and locate the license file.
  • Then select the minitab.lic file that you downloaded earlier and click Open
  • Click Ok to launch Minitab and your license is applied.