Large File Transfer Service - ZendTo - Wed 14 Feb

Large File Transfer Service - ZendTo - Wed 14 Feb

ZendTo service moved to a new server. "Dropped off" files will not be transferred.

What is happening?

The University large file transfer service, ZendTo, will be moved to a new server on Wednesday 14 February.


For technical reasons it is not possible to transfer “dropped off” files from the old server to the new server.


What should you do?

If you have dropped off files for a recipient then please contact the recipient and ask them to download any dropped off files before 8am on Wednesday 14 February.


Alternatively, you can re-upload files to the new server once it becomes live during the day on Wednesday.

The change to the new server is being made for security reasons.  The functionality of the new service will be identical to the old one.


We apologise for any inconvenience.

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