Apple iOS Updates & Email Issues

Apple iOS Updates & Email Issues

Email not available after updating.

What is happening?

IPad & iPhone iOS11 Update
- There are widely reported Outlook / O365 email problem with iPhone and iPad devices that update to the new Apple iOS 11.  Apple and Microsoft are working on a fix but if you update your iOS device there is a chance your email may cease to work on the device.

Apple Mac “High Sierra” 10.13 update – There are multiple Microsoft Office issues after updating to the latest Apple Mac release. The fix for these is to update your Office version to the very latest version after the 10.13 update has been applied.


What should you do?


IPhone & iPad - With mobile iOS 11 devices it is possible to get email to work by installing an alternative email program instead of the default Apple Mail app, such as Outlook for iOS client.


At this time we would recommend holding off updating any iOS device until Apple release a patch for the problem.  We do not have a timeline as to when this may be.