IMPORTANT: Virus email from Italian address

IMPORTANT: Virus email from Italian address

If you have received the email described below please delete it.

What is happening?

Some of you may have received a suspicious email with a *.DOT attachment today.  The attachment contains a virus and the email appears to come from an Italian .it address.

The email may contain some personal details specific to the recipient.


What should you do?

Do not open the attachment and please delete the email immediately.


What are we doing?

While we investigate this threat, we are taking steps to block all emails that contain .DOT attachments.  The block for emails containing this template format will remain in place for at least 7 days. This may inconvenience a small number of people but we need to take action to protect the majority of our users. 

If you are ever unsure whether a message is spam or genuine then you can contact the IT Service Desk for advice.