HERU External Seminar - Professor Thijs van Rens (Hybrid event)

HERU External Seminar - Professor Thijs van Rens (Hybrid event)

This is a past event

The seminar will be presented by Professor Thijs van Rens of the University of Warwick. He is a Professor of Economics and academic co-lead of the University of Warwick's Global Research Priority on Food, where he leads the 'Food and Health' theme. His research interests are macroeconomics, business cycles, labour markets, and economics of diet and health.

Title: How distorted food prices discourage a healthy diet.

Authors: Roberto Pancrazi, Thijs van Rens and Marija Vukotic.

Abstract: Public policy-making for the prevention of diet-related disease is impeded by a lack of evidence on whether poor diets are a matter of personal responsibility or a choice set narrowed by environmental conditions. An important element of the environment are market imperfections in food retail that distort prices. We use a rich dataset on quantities and prices of food purchases in the US and a structural model of dietary choices to examine variation in diets across household that have different levels of income and live in different neighborhoods. We find that price distortions account for one-third of the gap between the recommended and actual intake of fruits and vegetables. A feasible fiscal intervention that remedies these distortions makes all consumers better off.

Professor Thijs van Rens
Hosted by
Dr Yu Aoki
Room F61, Edward Wright Building / MS Teams. Note - The seminar can either be attended in person or by joining via MS Teams.

Contact Lesley Innes at HERU for details on accessing the seminar via MS Teams.

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