The University of Aberdeen Development Trust (“the Trust”) is a charity registered in Scotland (no. SC002938). The Trust was founded in 1982 with the sole purpose of attracting charitable donations to provide benefit to the University of Aberdeen (“the University”). The Trust and the University are separate legal entities.

In its fundraising activities, the Trust utilises information about alumni, supporters and potential supporters of the University. This notice explains how we access, obtain and utilise this information.

How we access personal information

The personal information utilised by the Trust is held on a secure database which is jointly managed by the University and the Trust. The University uses the database for alumni communications, external relations and events management purposes.

Under the terms of a data sharing agreement, the University permits the Trust access to the database for fundraising purposes. Access under this agreement is restricted to Development Trust staff.

Types of personal information that we utilise

The database holds several types of information (see list below). Please note that the database does not include all information types for all individuals. The vast majority of information that is held on the database has been provided to the University or the Trust by the individual concerned, or relates to the individual’s interactions with the University (e.g. records of attendance at University events). In some cases, this is supplemented with information from other sources (for more detail please see ‘Information sources’ below).

For most individuals whose details are held in the database, the personal information is limited to:

  • Personal details – title, name, gender preference, date of birth and, where appropriate, familial relationships. We also record date of death, if applicable and if known;
  • Contact details – postal address(es), email address(es), telephone number(s);
  • Job title, employer and work contact details (where these have been provided, for example to the Alumni Relations team), and links to company websites and LinkedIn profiles;
  • Records of attendance at University and Trust events and participation in University volunteering activity;
  • Records of meetings, phone calls and/or correspondence with the University and the Trust.

In addition to the above, we may hold the following information for the relevant individuals:

  • For alumni, the subject of the degree and year of graduation;
  • For non-alumni members of the General Council, the position held at the University;
  • For members of the Parent and Family programme, the programme member’s name and contact details, and the name, degree subject and anticipated year of graduation of the family member studying at the University.

For those individuals who have made a gift to the University or the Trust, the database may also hold:

  • Bank account number, name and sort code (where provided for enabling donations and direct debits);
  • Gift amount(s), purpose(s) and method(s) of payment; and
  • Tax status and Gift Aid declaration information.

For some donors and prospective donors, the Trust also holds information from public sources relating to the individual’s capacity to make a gift.

Information sources

The information held on the database comes from a number of sources as follows:

  • Information about alumni (derived from an individual’s University application and records from their period of study) is obtained from the University’s Student Record System.  This only includes contact details and confirmation of academic degree qualifications;
  • Information about staff and former staff is obtained from the University’s Human Resources database;
  • Information about attendance of University and Trust events and participation in University volunteering is collected by the University and the Trust through the administration of these activities;
  • Information about personal interests, career and connections with other alumni and friends of the University is provided direct to the Trust by alumni and supporters, for example in response to surveys and through correspondence and meetings;
  • If a supporter has utilised an online fundraising platform such as JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving to raise funds for the Trust, the online platform will pass to the Trust the name of the supporter, their contact details, the gift amount(s) and Gift Aid status. Details of those individuals who sponsored the supporter are not passed to the Trust.

Information may also be gathered from the following sources:

  • Companies House data published on the GOV.UK website;
  • Honours lists published on the UK Government’s website;
  • Websites and publications of businesses, charities and other organisations;
  • Websites and publications of public bodies, e.g. Registers of Scotland, local authorities;
  • Professional registers e.g. Law Society of Scotland, Royal College of Physicians;
  • Print and online news media;
  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter;
  • Commercial providers that supply postal and email addresses and telephone numbers, all gathered from public sources.

Why we collect and utilise this information

We collect and utilise this information for the Trust’s charitable purpose, and we use it in the following ways:

  • Planning and executing fundraising appeals to benefit the University of Aberdeen;
  • Segmenting individuals into groups, based on the information held, in order to target communications and appeals towards those who are most likely to be interested;
  • Thanking our supporters;
  • Preparing meeting and event attendance briefings on individuals;
  • Reclaiming Gift Aid from HMRC, where applicable; and
  • Maintaining our records to ensure efficient and responsible administration of the University of Aberdeen Development Trust and compliance with charity legislation.

We use personal information to contact alumni, supporters and potential supporters for marketing and fundraising purposes. We do not contact individuals who have indicated that they do not wish to be contacted by the Trust. We do not phone individuals who have registered with the Telephone Preference Service, unless we have their express consent to do so.

Disclosing personal information

Through our data sharing agreement, personal information that the Trust collects is accessible to the University. The University has separate privacy notices describing the ways that it uses personal information (see Alumni Relations privacy notice, University website privacy statement).

The Trust may provide personal information under contract to our suppliers to carry out activities on our behalf. This would happen in the following circumstances:

  • To maintain your contact details so that we can keep in touch by letter, email or telephone;
  • To set up a direct debit for regular giving;
  • To distribute fundraising materials on our behalf; and
  • To manage a telephone fundraising campaign.

On the occasions that we use third party suppliers, we only disclose the minimum information necessary to deliver the service and there is always a contract in place to ensure that the supplier only uses the information for the stipulated purpose and period, after which the data is deleted.

The Trust does not share personal information with any third parties for their purposes, and would never sell, trade or give away personal details to any other organisation. The Trust may disclose information to other recipients when required to do so by law (e.g. when served with a court order or for the purposes of prevention of fraud or other crime).

How to access personal information

Individuals have the right of access to their personal information held by the University and the Trust. Individuals may complete a subject access request and further details are available on the data protection page on the University website. Please note that applicants are required to provide satisfactory proof of identity and to pay the appropriate fee.

Contact us

If you have questions about the way in which the Trust handles personal information, please contact:

University of Aberdeen Development Trust, Powis Gate, College Bounds, Aberdeen AB24 3UG.

Tel: +44 (0) 1224 272281