AMND in Focus

AMND in Focus

A podcast series made in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen and the Aberdeen Maternity and Neonatal Databank (or AMND for short) aiming to act as an educational resource to engage the public in understanding what AMND is and why it’s so important to allow your data to be stored in this databank.

Episode information and transcripts are available below.

Episode details and transcripts

Episode 3 - Clinical Applications: A Medical Perspective

Episode 3 looks at how AMND is used in day-to-day practise, how it can aid clinic decision making and how clinical life influences AMND research.

Read the transcript for the 'Clinical Applications: A Medical Perspective' podacast episode

Episode 2 - Intergenerational Data

The second episode focuses on one of the most unique areas of AMND, their intergenerational data collection and how this can be applied in research.

Read the transcript for the 'Intergenerational Data' podacast episode

Episode 1 - What is AMND?

This first episode will explore the history of AMND and what makes it so special.

Read the transcript for the 'What is AMND' podacast episode