Online Course Overview

The course consists of 24 lectures and 6 tutorials. The lectures are pre-recorded and available to the participants on the course portal. In the tutorials, also pre-recorded, the lecturer shows how to solve numerical and design problems using Microsoft Excel. Participants can access a discussion board with the possibility of interaction with the lecturer and networking. In addition, live sessions with the lecturer (up to 1 h per week) to discuss the course materials will be arranged if requested by the course participants.

The total length of the recorded materials is approximately 24 hours. A certificate of attendance will be given to participants who have successfully solved a quiz on the course content within six months of registration. After registration, participants will have access to the course materials for six months.


Online Course Programme

 Lecture 1 Course introduction  
 Lecture 2 Fundamentals: Microorganisms and processes  
 Lecture 3 Fundamentals: COD, BOD, COD balance
 Tutorial 1 Numerical problems on COD balance
 Lecture 4 Fundamentals: Stoichiometry and kinetics
 Lecture 5 Fundamentals: Oxygen transfer theory
 Lecture 6 Fundamentals: Settling theory
 Lecture 7 Fundamentals: Mass balances
 Tutorial 2  Numerical problems on: Mass balances, simulations of batch and continuous biological processes
 Lecture 8 Fundamentals: Parameter estimation
 Lecture 9 Fundamentals: Heat balances
 Lecture 10 Fundamentals: pH calculation
 Lecture 11 The activated sludge process for carbon removal-Theory and Design    
 Lecture 12 The activated sludge process-aeration design
 Lecture 13 The activated sludge process-settling design
 Tutorial 3  Numerical problems: Design of an activated sludge process
 Lecture 14  Waste sludge
 Lecture 15 The activated sludge process for carbon and nitrogen removal-theory and design
 Tutorial 4 Numerical problems: Design of an activated sludge process for carbon and nitrogen removal
 Lecture 16 The anaerobic digestion process- introduction
 Lecture 17 The anaerobic digestion process - theory and design
 Tutorial 5 Numerical problems: Anaerobic digestion process
 Lecture 18 The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)- theory and design
 Lecture 19 Attached growth processes
 Tutorial 6 Numerical problems: Attached growth processes
 Lecture 20 Heat balances
 Lecture 21 pH calculation in activated sludge processes
 Lecture 22 Xenobiotics
 Lecture 23 Innovation in biological processes
 Lecture 24 Course summary and key messages

How Will I Study?

Study Hours

The course totals approximately 24 hours of study and assessment time. That’s around 2-3 hours per week over a 12-week period (the access to the course portal will expire after 6 months). This is a rough guide, as you can largely set your own study hours each week to cover the materials. The course website is available 24/7, so you can log in and study when it suits you. There are no fixed-time activities in this course, so you can access and work through it at your convenience on your laptop, or tablet and smart phone device via the app.


Our first-class support structure will ensure that you aren’t alone in your studies. You can communicate with your tutor one-to-one within the tutorial area of the study website. These sessions are arranged at a time to suit you, up to 1 hour per week. You can also chat with your online colleagues and tutors within the online forum.


Certificate of participation will be released to students after completion of a multiple choice quiz at the end of the course. This quiz will allow multiple attempts and can be attempted by participants at any time while they access the course area (for six months after registration).