Course Programme

The course will run from Wednesday 3rd June to Friday 26th June 2020. Lectures are scheduled Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 12:00 UK time. A weblink with joining instructions will be sent to all registered participants. Lectures will be recorded and made available to all participants.

Detailed technical programme

Wednesday 3rd June

Introduction. Fundamentals: microorganisms, biological processes for wastewater treatment.

Thursday 4th June  Fundamentals: COD and BOD, COD balance.
Friday 5th June 

Fundamentals: Stoichiometry and kinetics of biological processes for wastewater treatment.

Wednesday 10th June Fundamentals: Oxygen transfer and settling theory.
Thursday 11th June  Fundamentals: Mass balances and parameter estimation.
Friday 12th June Fundamentals: Heat balances and pH calculation
Wednesday 17th June    Activated sludge process: theory and design.
Thursday 18th June  Activated sludge process: design of aeration system and of secondary settling tank. Membrane separation processes.
Friday 19th June  Activated sludge process for carbon and nitrogen removal: theory and design. Waste sludge.  
Wednesday 24th June

Anaerobic digestion: introduction, theory and design.

Thursday 25th June SBR: theory and design. Attached growth processes (trickling filters, anaerobic packed beds, rotating biological contactors)   
Friday 26th June Calculation of process temperature and pH. Xenobiotics. Innovative processes. Summary and key messages.