Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

Exhibitions currently on display at the University of Aberdeen.


31 May 2017 - 31 August 2017 


Sir Duncan Rice Library, MacRobert foyer and James McKay Hall balcony. 

Exhibition: The Unfinishing of Things

A new exhibition funded by the European Research Council has opened at the University of Aberdeen and runs until September.

'The Unfinishing of Things' draws on research by the 'Knowing From the Inside' project based in the Department of Anthropology. The exhibition is grouped around three modes of knowing. At the heart of the project are the following 'materials' at the Sir Duncan Rice Library, 'place' in the foyer of the MacRobert Building and 'people' in the James McKay Hall balcony.


05 June 2017 - 20 August 2017


Special Collections centre, The Sir Duncan Rice Library

Exhibition: Cooking the books 

Cookery books from the University of Aberdeen's Special Collections.

Modern recipe books regularly top the non-fiction bestseller lists and their authors, the "celebrity chefs", are household names. This exhibition showcases a selection of cookery books and food-related pamphlets from the University of Aberdeen's Special Collections. They date, predominantly, from the 1800s, a period during which a fashion and a passion for food was fed by the dramatic increase in book publishing. The names of the cooks may not be familiar, but their books sold like hot cakes.


13 June 2017 - 26 May 2018


Kings Museum, Old Townhouse

Exhibition: The Scottish Warrior

In the year of History, Heritage and Archaeology a new student-curated exhibition invites visitors to challenge their perceptions of the Scottish warrior.

The exhibition will explore how Scottish warriors have been interpreted through history and seek to discover how the popular idea of the warrior was created.


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