New Found Land: Scottish Emigration to Canada

New Found Land: Scottish Emigration to Canada

This is a past event

This exhibition uses items from the Special Collections Centre to review stories of emigration from Aberdeen and Scotland to Canada.

Scotland’s population has been its most enduring and consistent export. Scotland’s diaspora was is of global dimensions, but Canada was the destination that was for long periods closest to the hearts of many emigrants. Until 1847 and after 1909, Canada was the primary transatlantic destination for emigrating Scots.

The story of emigration from Scotland is never a single journey. Some emigrants put down permanent roots in their adopted lands. Others crossed further oceans and continents, and approximately a third returned to Scotland following the outcome of their venture.

Scottish emigration to Canada began an enduring process of cultural exchange that continues to reveal a shared culture. The early development of this collective cultural identity is explored through the letters and archives of individual voices and independent migrants in this exhibition, revealing the reality of emigration and the movement of people around the globe.

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