Soapbox Science

Soapbox Science

This is a past event

Join some of the University of Aberdeen's leading scientists as they take to their soapboxes to showcase science to the general public at the Aberdeen Mela

Soapbox Science is a brilliant novel public outreach platform for promoting women scientists and the science they do. It brings science to the most unlikely places such as shopping malls, parks and streets.

This means anyone can access leading scientists by engaging with them directly. No middle man, no PowerPoint slides and no lecture hall.  Just remarkable women in science standing on a soapbox to amaze you with their latest discoveries and answer all the science questions you have been burning to ask.

Join researchers from the University of Aberdeen as they showcase their research at the Aberdeen Mela, Aberdeen's celebration of multicultualism on 21 August.

Group 1 - 1pm 

Heather Kennedy – The Shaking World 

Ann-Kristin Kaune – Candida

Sylvia Soldatou – Marine organisms: an untapped source of new medicines 


Group 2 – 1.40pm 

Alex Johnstone – Insulin discovery 

Ana Ciocarlan -  Artificial intelligence

Donna Maccallum – The invisible world of microbiology 


Group 3 – 2.20pm 

Delma Childers – Is your food making you ill? 

Soumya Palliyil - Engineering antibodies: using soldiers of our immune system to make new diagnostic tests and medicines   

Rasha Abu-Eid – Using modern technology to detect oral cancer 

Hosted by
Aberdeen Mela
Westburn Park, Aberdeen AB25 2QA

No booking required