Cafe Philosophique - Aberdeenshire

This is a past event

A series of engaging events brought to you by the Aberdeenshire Philosophy Cafe to reflect on contemporary society's unsolved problems and unanswered questions.

The Aberdeenshire Philosophy Cafe has a new programme of events running from September 2021 - June 2022. All events will be held in person, but also online, for those who cannot attend in person.

You can view the programme below, or find more information on their website:

You do not need to book for the In-person events, however, there is a £3 entry charge on the door.

The Online version of the event is free. If you would like to register to join the online event please email the organisers at

Please note that all in-person events are subject to the government restrictions allowing them to proceed, please keep an eye on the Philosophy Cafe website and Facebook page for all event updates. 



What is The Philosophy Cafe, Aberdeenshire?

It is a self-financing charitable organisation that works in partnership with Aberdeen University and Aberdeenshire Libraries and is supported by Foundation Scotland. It offers an opportunity to hear about and reflect on contemporary society's unsolved problems and unanswered questions in the company of distinguished lecturers.

The events organised by the Philosophy Cafe in Aberdeenshire are designed to bring people together to listen to speakers, to share thoughts and ideas and to encourage debate and critical thinking about society's challenges. They are open to everyone who is interested in continuing learning or in stimulating discussion. No prior knowledge or expertise is required.

Various venues and Online

For online booking or further info please contact

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