Music Research Seminar: Dr Nathan Wolek

Music Research Seminar: Dr Nathan Wolek

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Documenting Coastal Soundscapes from Florida to Scotland

"Sound has value both as a medium for artistic exploration and as data for monitoring the local soundscape. My recent scholarly and creative activity is motivated by these twin pursuits. Using audio field recording, I explore spaces where people go to be outside, like public parks and nature preserves.  For this talk, I will share my experiences and recordings from similar spaces in coastal regions of both Florida and Scotland. In doing so, I will explain how getting outside is not just about exercise and fresh air, but also resting and reseting our ears." — Dr Nathan Wolek

Nathan Wolek is an audio artist and researcher whose work encompasses advanced signal processing techniques, multimedia performance, and electronic music history. Wolek completed his PhD in Music Technology at Northwestern University and is currently Professor of Digital Arts at Stetson University in DeLand, FL. He is known primarily for the Granular Toolkit and LowkeyNW package, both popular extensions to Cycling74's Max. His music and sound installations feature rapid edits, gradually changing textures and environmental recordings of personal significance. Wolek has performed as a laptop instrumentalist and presented his creative work across the United States, in addition to engagements in Korea, Germany, Norway, Canada and Brazil. His research has been featured at the ICMC, SEAMUS, CMS, ATMI and SMPC conferences. In 2012, Wolek helped organize the first-ever Symposium for Laptop Ensembles and Orchestras (SLEO) at Louisiana State University. The same year, Wolek was named a Fulbright Scholar to Norway, where he worked primarily at the Bergen Center for Electronic Arts.

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