Exhibition: Walking with Birds

Exhibition: Walking with Birds

This is a past event

The Art of Audubon and MacGillivray.

The friendship between a nineteenth-century Aberdeen professor, William MacGillivray, and the American naturalist and artist John James Audubon profoundly impacted the scientific study of birds.

The exhibition showcases Audubon’s spectacular ‘Birds of America’, a metre-high book filled with Audubon’s stunning life-size colour depictions of American bird species, with text prepared by MacGillivray. It explores the intrepid travels of both men - including MacGillivray’s often humorous account of his epic journey on foot from Aberdeen to London - and their legacies in the worlds of zoology, ornithology and environmental conservation.

Hosted by
University of Aberdeen Museums and Special Collections
The Sir Duncan Rice Library

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Tek: 01224 273048

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