Continuing Professional Development - Philosophy with Children

Continuing Professional Development - Philosophy with Children

The University of Aberdeen will host a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event for primary and secondary educators on Philosophy with Children on the King's College Campus.
The course provides professional development in facilitating group discussion on philosophical topics (Philosophical Inquiry) as a method for developing pupil skills at the core of the Curriculum for Excellence. These include applying critical thinking in new contexts, thinking creatively to solve problems, understanding different beliefs and learning to participate responsibly in a community of inquiry.

Research indicates that pupils engaged in collaborative group discussion on philosophical questions benefit from:

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Better numeracy and literacy skills

  • Greater ability to think creatively and critically about complex matters

  • Greater ability to understand, recognize and respect alternative reasonable viewpoints.

  • Improved social behaviour, participation and concentration.

Course Aims

This CPD event will cover all the essential aspects of Philosophy with Children including:

  • Understanding Philosophy with Children, its aims and benefits
  • How to run a Philosophy Inquiry with children
  • How Philosophy with Children integrates with the Scottish Curriculum

Professor Federico Luzzi
Hosted by
University of Aberdeen
The Sir Duncan Rice Library

Diana Zee