SCI Public Evening Lecture: The Art of Building Small

SCI Public Evening Lecture: The Art of Building Small

Join us as we live-stream the SCI Public Evening Lecture series which is free and open to all.

At his SCI Public EveningLecture, Professor Ben Feringa will discuss his journey in the world ofmolecular switches and motors, and the opportunities in innovation for smart drugs, adaptive catalysts, and responsive materials.

Exploring beyond the current frontiers in the chemical sciences, molecular nanoscience is a fast-evolving field that provides unlimited opportunities to understand the molecular world we experience every day.

About the Speaker

Prof Feringa is a Distinguished Professor of Molecular Sciences at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and a Nobel Laureate. He shared the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Sir Fraser Stoddart and Prof Jean-Pierre Sauvage for the design and synthesis of molecular machines. Prof Feringa’s research specialises in stereochemistry, organic synthesis, molecular switches and motors – among others.

Prof Feringa has won several prestigious awards including the Körber European Science Award in 2003, the Paracelsus Prize from the Swiss Chemical Society in 2008, and the Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize in 2015. He is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences as well as a Council member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Free event, no booking required. 

Registration starts at 6pm

Professor Ben Feringa, Distinguished Professor of Molecular Sciences, University of Groningen and Nobel Laureate
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