The evils of evolution

The evils of evolution

This is a past event

Organised by the Cromar Future Group in conjunction with the University, a series of talks through 2016/2017 held in the MacRobert Hall, Tarland

What lurks within your DNA? Dr. Alasdair MacKenzie explains how it points to our evolutionary past and how techniques such as gene editing are revolutionising our understanding of the genetic and external factors that switch genes on and off, and how these contribute to conditions such as obesity, chronic pain and depression.

Dr. MacKenzie is from the Institute of Medical Sciences and he is particularly interested in the role of gene mis-expression in generating susceptibility to conditions that include the diseases mentioned above but also inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

Talks are open to anyone who would like to attend and the speakers aim to make them accessible to all, whether or not you have any background in science. We follow the relaxed Café Scientifique format : Introduction, talk (up to 45 mins), short break, Q&A session.

£4 entry to talks for adults, but age under 18 get in free. Children must be accompanied by an adult. All events are in the MacRobert Hall, Tarland and start at 7.30 pm unless a holiday workshop or otherwise indicated.

Putting the Café into our Café Scientifique talks are Caroldson’s barristas – so come early and enjoy their excellent coffee and cakes.

Dr Alasdair MacKenzie
Hosted by
Cromar future group
MacRobert Hall, Tarland, AB34 4YL

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