The Oil and Gas in Transition theme is tacking the challenge of responsible, low-carbon, exploration and production, energy security, evaluating industry performance against net-zero targets and energy transition in the UK, especially in Scotland. In the years to come, as we continue to rely on oil and gas to support the society in the low-carbon energy transition, it is imperative that we maximise the opportunities to reduce emissions from exploration and production activities, and explore opportunities to push forward new technologies.

There is a need for ongoing research on policy design to incentivise an inclusive transition, and monitoring of compatibility of the current efforts with the net zero climate targets. Finally, a just transition to the low-carbon energy future must meaningfully consider and ensure the participation the affected communities, including the workers and communities dependent on the oil and gas industry.


  • to investigate the main challenges and opportunities for oil and gas sector in the net-zero framework
  • to examine possibility of further mitigation of emissions and pollution from oil and gas activities
  • to identify and analyse appropriate policy and regulatory design for the just energy transition in areas traditionally engaged in oil and gas industry